Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pope Francis has composed a special prayer for the Jubilee Year of Mercy

Lord Jesus Christ,
you have taught us to be merciful like the heavenly Father,
and have told us that whoever sees you sees Him.
Show us your face and we will be saved.
Your loving gaze freed Zacchaeus and Matthew from being enslaved by money;
the adulteress and Magdalene from seeking happiness only in created things;
made Peter weep after his betrayal,
and assured Paradise to the repentant thief.
Let us hear, as if addressed to each one of us, the words that you spoke to the Samaritan woman:
“If you knew the gift of God!”
You are the visible face of the invisible Father,
of the God who manifests his power above all by forgiveness and mercy:
let the Church be your visible face in the world, its Lord risen and glorified.
You willed that your ministers would also be clothed in weakness
in order that they may feel compassion for those in ignorance and error:
let everyone who approaches them feel sought after, loved, and forgiven by God.
Send your Spirit and consecrate every one of us with its anointing,
so that the Jubilee of Mercy may be a year of grace from the Lord,
and your Church, with renewed enthusiasm, may bring good news to the poor,
proclaim liberty to captives and the oppressed,
and restore sight to the blind.
We ask this through the intercession of Mary, Mother of Mercy,
you who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Powerful Healing Prayer

Heavenly Father,
I call on you right now in a special way.
It is through Your Power that I was created.
Every breath I take, every morning I wake up,
And every moment of every hour,
I live under Your Power.
Father, I ask You now to touch me
With that same power,
For, as You created me from nothing,
You can certainly recreate me
Fill me with the healing power of Your Spirit.
Cast out anything that should not be in me.
Mend what is broken
And root out any unproductive cells.
Open the blocked arteries or veins
And rebuild all damaged areas.
Remove all inflammation and heal any infection.
Let the warmth of Your healing love
Pass through my body
To make new the unhealthy areas,
So that my body will function
the way You created it to function.
Father rescue me to full health in mind and body,
So that I may serve You the rest of my life. Amen

Monday, February 8, 2016

This is my Prayer

This is my prayer to thee my Lord--- strike, strike at the root of penury in my heart. Give me the strength lightly to bear my joys and sorrows. Give me the strength to make my love fruitful in service. Give me the strength never to disown the poor or bend my knees before insolent might. Give me the strength to raise my mind high above daily trifles And give me the strength to surrender my strength to Thy will with love

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Prayer

Lord our God, the heavens are the work of your hands, the moon and the stars you made; the earth and the sea, and every living creature came into being by your word. And all of us, too. May this tree bring cheer to this house through Jesus Christ your good and holy Son, who brings life and beauty to us and to our world. Lighting this tree, we hope in his promise. Amen.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Missing Someone - Angel 210

Dear God, I need you today. I acknowledge I cannot do all. I depend on You to help me get where I need to go. Help me not to be discouraged. I know Your ways are perfect. Bless me with more faith and hope. It is a very disheartening and painful feeling to miss someone. You will miss someone only if you have a lot of affection and love for him or her. Even one minute will seem to be very long when you miss someone. The flowers, nature, sunshine, fragrance, spring, rainbow and all other things will not bring in happiness and solace when you do not have the person you love and care about, near you. The only face you would like to see among million faces....the only laugh that keeps haunting me...I wish and pray I would see him one more time during my lifetime. Until that happens please help me to move forward God, if I do not meet again in my life I am thankful for sending him to my life. Please take care of my Angel 210 wherever he is. I miss him so much.